Women with Partners

  1. Aren’t you tired of feeling like you are doing everything yourself? … taking care of the kids, home and perhaps juggling a job too? Do you feel
    like communication with your husband or partner is shutting down?  … does
    it feel more like butting heads than teamwork? Do you feel like you understand
    the kids more?  … so you “protect” their tender feelings from harsh
    reactions and impatience?
  2. In the New Earth this pattern is incorrect!  let go of this wounded role identity …You and your partner  are finally “heard” … you will once again trust each other, respect each other
    … feel safe in each other’s love … and infinitely supported.…Step-by-step
    communications and actions shift from competition and control to consideration
    … you will love your partner unconditionally… which in turn gifts you with all
    your heart’s desires.
  3. This is true Love… Your partnership is the ground your children grow and play
    upon …It is where they are safe and free.  Your family will thrive.… You
    have learned when you didn’t trust/receive your partner’s input you were
    actually deciding to take it all on yourself… you created the burden. Instead,
    there is a new pattern for your life’s story!
  4. A long-lasting Kingdom Family Union.  … Your intimacy will grow on all
    levels.  Oneness will flourish in ripple effects and healing waves within
    your family …and outwardly to others, Your Soul Family. You will own the
    incredible Power of Joy.
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