Individual Sessions

Each session provides Blessings of Health, Peace, Joy, Abundance, Wealth of Love, Prosperity, Family Quality Time, Strong Foundations, Forgiveness and Safe Reassurance to thrive and live a Dream Life that is Authentic and Free of Burden .. by including:

Individual Sessions are for 1 Hour @ $125.00

  • Highest Frequencies of Unconditional Love & Purest Light Activations
  • Clearing of Body Aches and Pain (stuck embedded emotions)
  • Chakra Activations & Cleansing Renewal
  • Root Healing & Shadow Healing
  • Transmuting Negative Energy
  • Healing Fears
  • Cutting Cords when needed for Your Highest Good
  • Individual Wholeness Activation
  • Family Harmony & Alignment
  • Communication Healing
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Heart Trauma / Sorrow Clearing
  • Removal of Darkness Earth Cords
  • Cageless Bird Freedom Activation
  • Highest Self Balance (Self Accepting) Activation
  • Forgiveness of Self & Others when needed
  • Divine Feminine & Masculine Balancing
  • Divine Consciousness (Highest Light & Love)
  • Mind & Body Balance (Calming Overthinking / Healing Emotions)
  • Finding Your Heart’s Voice
  • Grounding & Bridging of Heaven and Earth
  • Opening of Your Blessed Abilities for Everyone’s Highest Good
  • Psychic & Intuition Activation
  • Balancing Oneness
  • Harmonization with Opposites in your Inner Circle
  • Partner Matrix Activation
  • Healing Comparing & Competition
  • Intimacy Surrender
  • Shaman Deer Antler Crowning Activation
  • Healing Money Worries (Trusting All Will Be Provided For)
  • Strengthening of Family & Spiritual Foundations
  • Releasing of Fears to Overcome Illusions
  • … A Treasure Hunt to Your Heart’s Desire!
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