What I Do and How I Help You …

  • Your Heart is the gateway to God’s infinite possibilities
  • Holy Spirit and communication are essential in your New Earth.  They are the foundations to your barrier breakthroughs.
  • Soul Retrieval are the lost pieces that are stuck in our past lives, PTSD and emotions.  Through altered states of trance, I will find them and bring them back to you.
  • I will unlock your Core Emotions and find hidden pockets to be healed and transmuted into pure light.
  • Restoring your Inner Child to your truest form … your joyful and less serious self.  This is your Highest Self before you were manipulated and wounded.
  • Family is the circle of abundant foundations.  It encompasses you.  What is best for you is best for your family.  Family holds you in Holy Spirit’s perfect heart and highest frequency key to achieving your highest good blessings. 
  • Kingdom Family Unions create strong harmonious family units.   They are the foundation to moving forward, and creating outwardly in all areas of your life.  Balance is so important to setting uninterrupted quality time for each unit member.
  • In your Career you will become more effective in the energy you use to work more productively avoiding corrupt burn out.
  • Chakra Activations open you to clear channels with your Divine Guides, bringing you strong pillars of pure light bridging Heaven and Earth.
  • Aura Clearings unclutter your energy:  nourishing, nurturing and rejuvenating.  You will feel protected, safe and supported.
  • Emotion Clearings raise your level of awareness to your own negative emotions absorbed through life.  These lower planes of Energy drain you.  You will learn to stay true to yourself, letting go of taking things personally, instead finding Power and Joy.
  • You will also learn that Animals are our sight through the veil.  All animals are sacred.  They are love and pure excitement to be alive.  God communicates through them.  You will learn to notice God’s messages uniquely created for you!

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